About Us

Enigma Batteries

Enigma supplies high capacity, low weight lithium batteries of any chemistry for use by the Police and Government Security Organisations. Our batteries are used within buildings, vehicles and deployed in open countryside. These batteries have full BMS protection and can also be equipped with 'over the air control' called the Angel, which allows users to turn the batteries on/off, give GPS location and low capacity warning. We have also developed some unique battery capacity sharing products called the Flexi and the Hydra, as well as solutions for installation into “tight spaced” convert locations.

We can design and build any battery capacity, to any voltage, to any shape and weight, allowing Enigma to provide a bespoke design service. 

We supply charging bags that provide safety protection for the charging and transportation of batteries. These products complement our Charging Station that allows batteries of any chemistry to be charged and maintained in a safe environment including within a workshop.

Given the funding restraints within many government departments we will also rent batteries on a short-term or long-term basis.